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Started by vishnu-vijay95, January 28, 2021, 07:42:54 AM

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Hi all,
I am using olimex STM32E407 for a project. i need to burn a .elf file to the MCU. I used segger JLink as an programmer i was able to burn the .elf file in to the MCU using openocd command from Ubuntu 20.04 laptop, and the program is working fine for me.

Can any one help me to do the same using the on board USB OTG1 port. So that i can burn the file through USB OTG1 in DFU mode.


Please do not hijack older threads for newer issues. It is a separate issue so I've separated your reply into own thread.

You can program it via dfu-util tools. But you need to set the jumpers in DFU bootloader mode every time that you want to upload. Then to execute the code, revert the jumpers back to boot from flash mode and reset.

To set the board in DFU bootloader mode (set jumper B0_1/B0_0 –> B0_1; and B1_1/B1_0 –> B1_0 and reset the board)

Upload the sketch via dfu-util

Run the board in the default boot from flash mode (jumpers B0_1/B0_0 –> B0_0; B1_1/B1_0 –> B1_0 and reset the board)

Refer to this forum thread:
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