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Sample code for blinking LED?

Started by janosch, February 04, 2021, 01:53:06 PM

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I have an Olimex STM32-H103.

In the deprecated OpenODS documentation it says there are sample projects for:

Where do I get the code?

Is there a github repository with sample projects for I/O?
I can't open the *.exe because I am using Linux.

Yesterday I followed this great tutorial here and was able to compile, flash and execute code, then step through it: https://jacobmossberg.se/posts/2018/08/11/run-c-program-bare-metal-on-arm-cortex-m3.html#hardware-equipment



I managed to extract the example files from the Archive using 7z.

7z x Olimex-ODS-9.0-revK.exe
Shall I post them on github?


Sure it is open-source project. I've also uploaded it here:


However, please notice the Olimex OpenODS environment is very old and no longer supported actively. My advice is to find a better set of examples and better environment setup. There are better tools to set and environment nowadays. Last I checked this project was very nice and had support for STM32-H103:


There can be newer tools, make sure to explore what is the best nowadays, the community had been quite active when it comes to Eclipse and OpenOCD environments.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thank you Lub, very kind.

I have been working with libopencm3 documentation and their examples, they have many for Olimex boards and seem to be a good fit for me (other boards I am interfacing with are using libopencm3, so might as well learn it now):


Edit: Oh, and I will not be using OpenODS, I saw that it was deprecated, I am using vim & gdb.