USB Keyboard / Console

Started by nejemia, February 03, 2013, 07:47:59 PM

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Dear Sirs:

I just received my Olinuxino Micro board and booted the Debian image with the Dimitar File System supporting composite Video Out.
I have the output OK on my monitor however I can not comunicate with the terminal.
May be I have problems setting the USB Keyboard.
Where should I start to review the configurations in order to solve this weird and annoying problem ?
Thank you very much in advance.
Nelson //


Is there power on the usb? Do the leds (numlock, capslock) work on the keyboard?


Yes, the keyboard leds blinks during the startup pf the OS. I supose the Linux "sees" the presence of the KB.Strange behavior ...
However, from the tty on the UART the control is perfect.
Thanks !