High Power Consumption ESP32 PoE

Started by stoneweg, December 28, 2020, 11:51:52 am

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Hi together!

I just installed my first ESP32 PoE to measure temperature (BME280) and motion (just a normal PIR), and I was a bit surprised about the high power consumption: my switch tells me it is 1.3 W.

Can I do anything to reduce the power consumption? I read about turning of radio, but I also read that will only reduce by about 50 mA (0.25 W). I was hoping to be below 0.5 W for my setup.

Any ideas?



Seems normal. Around 1W is the expected consumption when powered from PoE and in regular mode. You should experiment with light-sleep and deep-sleep modes. However, notice that the ESP32 boards were designed for minimum power consumption only when powered by Li-Po battery, you might not reach as low power consumption when you power it from the PoE.
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