Are there any plans for the new version?

Started by v_m_v, November 29, 2020, 10:37:04 PM

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are there any plans for the new version with more powerful arm board?




I've been wondering the same thing, and since I couldn't find info about it, I registered an account on this forum to ask. Is there a roadmap and/or an ETA for the new version?


I would also love to see a new version.  I know that Teres-I is not supposed to be a finished consumer product, but a version with more RAM and larger memory could appeal to people like me who are interested in the open-source and DIY aspects but more of an end-user than a developer.  I would be willing to pay more for a version with more power too.


Not much room to improve with the A64 chip. It can address up to 3GB of RAM. Maybe if we upgrade the main board with another ARM chip in future.
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