Delivery Olimex products

Started by KeesZagers, October 05, 2020, 05:22:57 pm

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Let me start to say: I'm a very happy user of Olimex products. Quality and prices of the hardware are very good. Support for the software also, either through this platform or by email for very specific items. Just today I received a new shipment and a replacement of a defect product, which could have been broken by myself or by packaging at Olimex or during shipment was included for free. Good job Olimex  8)

Every electronic product is packaged in an antistatic bag, which is packaged again in a fitting cardboard box. Transport damage is nearly impossible. However there is one issue I like to discuss here:

The antistatic bag is double folded and closed by tape. In my opinion this tape is completely unnecessary, because the bag is packaged again into the box. I'm convinced that the product of which I spoke above was damaged either by taping the product at Olimex or removing the tape by myself. Taping and untaping is a time consuming work and can introduce damage. So IMHO Olimex don't do it, but I like to hear comments from others.


I also don't see a technical need for the tape, but I assume they put it there to distinguish between products that were unboxed by the customer and those that were not.


Yes, that's a fairly common practice, used by a lot of companies when dealing with customer returns.
Still, I can only share my positive opinions about Olimex deliveries, the customer service and packaging are stellar!