LCD works at boot then switches to HDMI in ubuntu

Started by jan_redia, September 10, 2020, 10:02:14 AM

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I set up the LCD display in u-boot and closed the jumper on my A64 board. At boot the LCD perfectly shows the boot log, however when the kernel starts and jumps to ubuntu the LCD no longer works. Ubuntu can be seen on the HDMI output.

How to keep the LCD as only display output?


I can confirm that there are some problems with the scripts for the displays in the latest A64 images. We are working to fix them.

You can get the display output working by booting and executing the script:

~# olinuxino-overlay

and selecting:

lcd-olinuxino-5.dtbo   Enable LCD-OLinuXino-5

You can select it with "space" and then with "tab" nagiate to confirm the selection.


The display should now work, but the touchscreen doesn't seem to work currently. We are working on a solution for the touchscreen and fixing the scripts for the A64 boards in general.
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