PIC-LCD - Defective out of the box?

Started by furiousfingerz, August 29, 2020, 04:15:53 PM

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I've just received my PIC-LCD and Olimex PIC-KIT3, and have been trying to get a 'hello world' program to load into the PIC-LCD. I'm using MPLAB X v5.35 and Windows 10.

My problem is that MPLAB X reports the "invalid device ID (0x0)" message when attempting to program the PIC-LCD. I realise from the forums that this is a frequently encountered issue, but all the advice given to resolve I'm already doing (plus, I'm only connecting two Olimex devices togther using the cable provided)

Having got the 'scope out to check the activity on the ICSP pins, I realised that with no external connection to the PIC-LCD (other than power), the MCLR line is at 0V, holding the MCU in reset, so I believe my PIC-LCD has been delivered defective, unless anyone can correct this assumption?

There is also evidence of some rework having been carried out on the PIC-LCD- flux & fume residue around the MCU, so I've obviously not been shipped a 'new' board. I've raised this with support@olimex.com, but haven't heard anything yet- just wondered if anyone has experience of their responsiveness and whether shipping of apparently 'used' devices is commonplace?





I've received your e-mail over the support e-mail and will give you more details over the email, however on first look I see in the invoice that you purchased 5V DC power adapter, and 5V DC can be insufficient for the PIC-LCD. Anything between 6VDC and 12VDC applied to the power jack is fine. No more than 15VDC should be applied since the capacitor would pop.

Try to power the board from the PIC-KIT3 with 5V DC, disconnect the power source at the power jack and power only from PIC-KIT3 - I tested today with MPLAB IPE v3.35, just go to Power tab and select VDD 5.0 and then click the "Power Target Circuit from Tool" checkbox, then go back to Operate tab.

Expect an e-mail soon.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thank you for responding Lub.

I've explored your helpful suggestions- powering of the PIC-LCD directly from the PIC-KIT3 and from a 9v psu - neither approach makes any difference, I'm still getting in the "invalid device id" message when attempting to program from MPLAB X

The cable I'm using is the one that came with the PIC-KIT3.

With the board powered from a 9v PSU (and disconnected from PIC-KIT3), both sides of the reset button are at 0V- I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be the case as there's a pull-up on this line and its only connections are to the reset button and #MCLR input pin.

Is there anything more I can do?