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PIC-WEB development

Started by ArnoldGoat, May 24, 2020, 03:22:42 PM

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I want to resurrect a project from years ago. I now have a Windows 10 PC (64-bit), but the PIC-ICD2 Programmer drivers don't work ("Vista 64"). I installed MPLAB 8.92, and found the old C18 compiler Student Edition 3.16. These load OK and look as if they will run, but obviously I can't do much.

If I replace your PIC-ICD2 board with the PIC-IDC2-POCKET, will I have what's needed to program the PIC-WEB (Rev.A)?


You can probably get PIC-ICD2 working under Windows 10, without the need to purchase anything. I think wrong drivers get associated with the device. Try to manually switch the driver associated with PIC-ICD2 to the correct one, refer to this forum thread from the official Microchip forums:


If you decide to buy something better get PIC-KIT3:

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thanks, but the 64-bit driver will not load into my Windows 10. The links indicate that early versions of the Microchip ICD2 aren't compatible. Maybe the same thing applies to the Olimex one? It does however work with a USB-to-serial adaptor, but I will get the PIC-KIT3.

Please confirm PIC-KIT3 will work with PIC-WEB Rev A and IDELAB 8.92 before I buy.

A second question, if I may?

I have 2 PIC-WEB cards, but they have the same MAC address, so I can only have one on my network at a time, unless it is possible to reset the MAC address. Can I?