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Started by ArnoldGoat, June 21, 2020, 07:07:55 AM

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I have used PIC-WEB with ICD2 and MPLAB8.92 on Windows 10. It works OK with COM but not USB (no suitable driver). I can alter demo C program and web page, and program PIC OK

I have just bought PIC-KIT3. It starts OK, MPLAB says PICKit3 connected, then when I connect external power to PIC-WEB it says Target Detected, then "Target Device ID (00000000) does not match expected Device". I put it back on ICD2 and it works, so I haven't bricked it, but what's going on?


In case you're letting it provide the power, don't.



The drivers are part of the MPLAB but MPLAB 8.92 was released before Windows 10. Do you have any MPLABX installed?

Maybe this thread would help: https://www.microchip.com/forums/m936066.aspx
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