ESP32-POE Touch sensors issue

Started by biokys, June 16, 2020, 11:29:28 AM

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I am playing with ESP32-POE and it seems touch sensors are not working as they should. I am able to get touch response only from GPIOs: 0, 4, 14, 32 and 33. And with another strange issue that pins 32 and 33 are swapped  :o . Anyone has the similar experience? I had tried it with 2 boards already. ESP32-POE and ESP32-POE-ISO and both work in the same wrong way. Any idea?


look here to understand your problems:

the GPIOs you try to use are already connected to SD-card and Ethernet PHY, so you can't use them for Touch functionality

use ESP32-DevKit-Lipo where GPIOs are clean and not used with other functionality


I think it should be clearly described in GPIO map you have attached. At least there shouldn't be the TOUCH labels, where they can't be used. Because i need ethernet with poe i need to stay with this device (btw i really love it). For touch sensing i will use external AT42QT1070 chip.