New GNU ARM Compiler based IDE with EFM32 Support

Started by cprogrammer, July 03, 2013, 07:24:03 PM

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Do you know EmBlocks?

This is a free C/C++ IDE based on Code Blocks.
This IDE supports a lot of STM32, NXP-ARM and EFM32 and also PIC18/PIC32/dsPIC Controllers.
There is a Project Wizzard for each Controller Family.

At the moment the EFM32 Controllers can only be programmed with an J-Link (because EFM32 only supports SWD, so a lot of JTAG programmers doesn't work).
There is a discussion and tip Forum about this IDE with EFM32 on the Energy Micro Forum:

Debugg is based on GDB, so maybe there will be more supported adapters in future.