A Quick Guide To Seek Out The Best Vacuum Cleaners On The Market

Started by RaulAlonso, June 01, 2020, 10:34:36 AM

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Vacuum cleaners have long become an indispensable household device, an essential item that enables our urban lifestyle. Thanks to the continual evolution of technology, people are now having access to a broader selection of newly improved vacuum models with various functions and features that can satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

However, the process of picking out the right vacuum cleaner for your family use is not simple. Reading those reviews on the best vacuum cleaners will be pointless unless you already have sufficient knowledge of the matter. What is a good vacuum? How can we decide for ourselves which is the best vacuum cleaner to buy? Following is a short comprehensive guide that we are confident will help you greatly in your quest to uncover the best vacuum cleaners in the world, and more importantly, suited to serve your specific needs.

Types of vacuums

What is a vacuum cleaner and what it does, to most people, are hardly foreign concepts. We use vacuums in our houses to clean all kinds of surfaces in a fairly quick and efficient manner. However, it is not that clear for everyone to know all about the different types of vacuum cleaners out there. Each type of vacuum has with it certain advantages and drawbacks which you should be aware of before diving in other aspects.

Upright vacuums

Ranked as one of the two most popular types of vacuum cleaner, upright vacuums are the best vacuum for carpet due to the fact that their considerably weighted powerhead can sink much further into the depth of the carpet piles to take out the stubborn embedded dust. Upright vacuums also cover larger areas in one sweep than other types. Designed to be in an upstand position, they can be neatly tucked away in the corner of your storage when not used.

On the other hand, the popularity of upright devices unfortunately suffers from their limited level of maneuverability, meaning users' ability to steer or lift the machines. Most users are likely to be reluctant to take on the job of cleaning tight spaces like stair treads with an upright vacuum or to carry one in between the floors of your house.

Canister vacuums

The second familiar vacuum choice for many buyers is the canister vacuum of which the handy nozzle, opposing to the upright models, is more flexible to go under furniture or be used to clean stair steps. Canister vacuums can still do a decent job of cleaning your carpeting areas, and without the necessity of additional accessories, they can remove the dirt from your above-the-floor surfaces like drapes or furniture upholstery as well. The noise coming from a canister vacuum tends to be more subdued than from an upright vacuum. All in all, canister pickers do not have many downsides except for taking up more storage space than the upright ones and hence, are the best vacuum cleaners for many.

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Stick vacuums

Known as the mini version of upright vacuums, stick vacuums are less common because they are only most suitable for speedy tidy-ups. For extensive cleaning jobs, the end result obtained from using a stick vacuum tends to pale in comparison to that of full-scale models. Due to their modest capacity, we will not recommend stick vacuums for big houses or families packed with kids and pets.

Robotic vacuums

You can find another light option to pick up small litters in your house in robotic vacuums. Robotic vacuums help to extend the intervals between your regular cleaning sessions, not to mention other benefits like they work silently in the background and require a minimum level of attention from users. Robotic vacuums depend on tiny cameras to map its routes around your house and can return to its base for battery charging on its own accord.

Features and functions

Now that you already have some basic ideas on how each type of vacuum cleaner works, it is time to narrow down your search by considering the criteria below. 

Bagged or Bagless?

There are two types of vacuum cleaners that may or may not require dust bags. Bagless vacuums are usually helpful if you would like to save some money from stocking up replacement dust bags, but they need frequent filter cleaning. For people who endure health problems like allergies or asthma, the process of emptying their dust cups may turn into a less pleasant experience. On the contrary, bagged models will require some extra costs on bags, but surely, users will go through less of a hassle when it comes to maintaining the machine's ready-to-use conditions.

Dust Filtration

The ability to filter the air exiting a vacuum cleaner is an important factor that defines part of its benchmark quality. Should the filtration mechanism be not good enough, all kinds of soils and specks of dust will breach through the vacuum and reenter the air inside your house, ruining the whole purpose of cleaning in the first place.

Again, suppose you have those health problems that are seriously affected by the surrounding environment's conditions, what's a good vacuum cleaner for you is one with a qualified filtering system.

Supplementary Features

Supplementary features on vacuum models occasionally prove to be very useful in some cases. For carpet cleaning, it may be wise to look for a vacuum equipped with two motors to power the suction and the brush separately. An option to switch off the revolving brush is necessary to protect the surface of hard floors or delicate carpet fabrics. Also, keep your eyes out for those models with highly adjustable functions aimed for different purposes.

Cleaning accessories may vary among models, but it is worth mentioning that the standard set of tools often found accompanying a modern vacuum includes a brush for furniture upholstery, a dusting brush, and a small add-on powerhead for edge and crevice cleaning.


Lastly, before making a purchase of a vacuum cleaner, you should make sure you have come to terms with its physical attributes. Is it too heavy to push and pull or carry upstairs? Is it too bulky to be stored in the space usually reserved for your former vacuum? Whatever you do, pick one vacuum you will feel comfortable using and never consider one that causes you any concern over its weight or maneuverability.

Considering each vacuum's functions and all the above information, now you can start telling what is the best rated vacuum cleaner that will handle all of your cleaning chores. In turn, we hope you feel more relaxed in making the selection of your next vacuum cleaner.


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