I2C not available on PIC WEB

Started by Jos, May 08, 2020, 02:00:54 PM

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PIC WEB version D

Your documentation and schematic states that I2C™ is available.
This means I dont need to implement bitbang I2C, but the uP takes control of this.
After studying the PIC18F67J60, my conclusion is that I2C is NOT avaliable on the PIC WEB.
The 100pin PIC18F67J60 has 2 I2C ports. The one on PIC WEB has 64 pins and only has 1 I2C channel. This is on PIN 34 and 35 of the uP. These are not present on the EXT connector.
On your schematic you placed a SCL on EXT5 =uP pin2 and SDA on EXT 6 = up pin 1.
I state that this is a mistake. The uP does not provide I2C on these pins.

I would like to hear from you that either my conclusion is wrong or right. If wrong, then please provide me with extra info


Mostly correct, but you can find easily the two processor pins related to the chip's MSSP module (#34 and #35) on the UEXT connector at the pins that we typically designate for SPI (#9 and #7).
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This makes me happy. I will use that.
Thanks a lot. As well for the fast reply