ESP32-EVB-EA-IND + ESP32-EVB-EA for parking lot automatizations

Started by cesar.cavazos, April 27, 2020, 10:07:48 PM

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Hi, I have an application to open/close the gates of a parking lot. My app is monitoring a MQTT server who determine if it's moment to open the gate. My ESP32 is connected directly with the gate and my question(s) is if with this combo is enough to work perfectly for this solution or need another components, cases / PLC alternative because need to work 24/7 and at this moment I need to install like 100 gates/ESP32.

PD: If you have another better solution I can listen to you.



It should be good! I've seen a few customers using ESP32-EVB for parking doors. If you expect lower or higher temperatures, indeed get the -IND version. Two things to care about if it should work 24/7:

- back-up power supply - battery would not be enough since it won't keep the relays up;
- depending on the load you might need to keep in mind the list of typical problems with electromechanical relays, for example make sure your application does not allow triggering the relays too fast consecutively else contacts might get stuck, refer to this web site for more information on what might be expected:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex