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Started by anhcsueb, October 17, 2018, 07:43:54 PM

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I am a student and i am building a custom board using the imx233, but i don't want to use an ethernet chip to control the ethernet interface. Can i use the USB pin on the processor to go to a USB port, then connect it to a USB to ethernet adapter? If so, do you know if i need a driver to be included in the arch linux distro for it to work?


Yes, there are some USB to Ethernet adapters I've used in the past, both original Apple Macbook Fast Ethernet adapters, and cheap copies of them.

They were based on the AX88772A chip and required the asix.ko driver.  At the time I last used them the driver wasn't standard in the arch distro, but easy to add.

Although they are "Fast Ethernet" I think I only ever got about 50Mbps throughput, but you can't expect too much from an imx233 and USB 2.

Oh, and I never had any problems with the genuine Apple adapters, but the clones were somewhat unstable and required occasional reboots to get things back on-line.  So keep an eye on that if you need good network uptime.


Hello, I study Electronics online at ECPI University and need help with my project. Has anyone used a DM960 ethernet adapter? Can I connect it with Logitech c160 webcam, GL850 usb hub and Olinuxino iMX233 MICRO?


What are the steps? It would be great to have a step-by-step guide. Thanks.


Please google "writing Linux drivers" and start read and learn.

This topic is huge, people spend years to learn how to do it then people pay them $1000 per day to do this kind of work (Bootlin is such company).

It's naive to expect someone would spend his time here to write you step by step guide how to write Linux drivers for closed source commercial devices, which probably has zero documentation.