Another few questions about the Duinomite.

Started by Flamore, April 10, 2020, 04:21:09 PM

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I haven't got my DuinoMite yet but i've tried to compare it to the Maximite color which i cannot really buy. I also wanted to recommend it to my friend but lack of some features made me back up. So, will we ever have like
  • Color support (Maybe even game graphics mode?)
  • Stereo sound
  • More than 1 PWM
  • Synthesized music and sfx (MOD format?
  • Maybe a logo at the command line. Like the DuinoMite logo
  • Maybe more ram if it's possible
  • Full screen editor?
  • Lastly. Built-in RTC
It would really be awesome to have all these features. Definetly would buy,



Good to hear that people are still interested in Duinomite systems. I realised already quite some nice projects based on it. Most of them on custom hardware based on the PIC32-T795, however with the same DMBasic. To do the work I modified the old DMBasic version 2.7 to a special one. Some commands had to be skipped, but a lot of new functionality has been added. Most of the new commands are special CAN commands.

I also introduced a PWM command to use a PWM output on every I/O pin. A simple PWM output can also be realised by using the modified SETPIN command and set it to new values 18,19, 28 or 29.

I also introduced a new command OLED, with which I can copy the VGA memory to the Olimex displays MOD-OLED-128x64 and MOD-LCD2.8RTP. The last one can be used with different colors and also the touch unit can be used.

The advantage of the old DMBasic 2.7 was that it was still open source and you can modify whatever you want in the C-source, using an old version of the Microchip development environment.

Unfortunately the other requests you have are hardware related and cannot be realised on the Duinomite hardware. Maybe some of them can be done by adding own hardware to the PIC32-T795 modules. E.g. this is what I have done to have two CANports available. Open hardware and open software, I like it.



I thought of a new board or something just like the maximite had 2 types. I guess i better be off making a shield with a graphics chip and an audio synth. Thank you for the info tho  ;D