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MicroSD Issues

Started by baffo32, April 05, 2020, 10:02:22 PM

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I'm trying to insert a microSD card into my Teres for the first time.  It's 256GB.
The system recognizes it when I push it so far in it is flush, but when I release it does not stay that far in, and disappears from the system.  There is no 'click'ing.
If I insert it upside down, it does click in while staying a little out, but of course I cannot use it upside down.

Have I made a known assembly mistake?

Thanks so much.


Can you make me a short video of the two ways that you insert the card? Upload the video somewhere (youtube?) and send the link to me. If I don't reply here, send it to support@olimex.com
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


While making the video clear I actually found that what I have to do is press the microsd card even farther in, using my fingernail, and then it clicks in and works fine.

Thanks so much.


Hi. I think my SD card doesnt work too.. :(


hey you may want to explain what is wrong more to get a helpful answer