Olimexino 32U4 - 3.3V/16MHz out of spec. ?

Started by Eduardo, January 25, 2013, 02:06:01 PM

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I am using the Olimexino 32U4 and I like it very much for all the features it has. Keep up the good work. :)

However running it on 3.3V causes the 16MHz-Osc. to run out of the spec. for the AT32U4 chip. This is what the ATMEL datasheet says. :(

My board runs ok at first sight.

My question is: Is there is any experience with long term & temperature stability at 3.3V/16MHz?




So using it @ 3.3Volts is out of spec & at my own risk. Right?


you have to follow the datasheet if you need reliability :)

does 32u4 work at 16Mhz when powered to 3.3V - yes
how reliable it is? - we didn't conduct such tests, at ambient temperature it works for hobby project

if you need industrial reliability you have to follow the specs