A64 board power down when writing files to emmc

Started by fivuf, March 18, 2020, 07:51:49 PM

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I'm trying to install gentoo to the a64 board but every time i extract the stage3 on the emmc, the board power down.

The emmc has an encrypted partition for the root system. It also has a ext4 partition for /boot.

First I thougt the 1.25A max from the charger wasn't enough, so i used a pc power supply which provide 10A max for 5V.

But it didn't solve the issue.

It's a little random (sometimes it writes hundred of megs and sometime only a few before powering down) but it's always when i use the emmc. If I only use the sd card, i have no problem.

The cpu doesn't seem too be very hot when i touch it with my hand.

What could I do ?


The issue is only with the debian image. When using the ubuntu desktop, i did not encounter issue and could write anything. This solved my problem.