imx233 micro not booting

Started by bnunez, January 24, 2013, 09:40:04 PM

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I have a imx233 micro that i have made from it's gerbers files. And i have one that i bought from the internet.

Problem is that the board i made isn't booting from the sd card. It puts the error code 0x8020A007 which means ERROR_DDI_SD_CONFIG_BLOCK_NOT_FOUND.

The card works with the other board, so what else can be giving me this error?


I don't want to change the discussion here, I hope we can find a reason of bnuez's problem..
But I would also be interested for any instructions on "what to take care of when making own hw". I think many people are considering it, and thus this kind of questions are likely to come up.

To give some input to the thread; bnuez have you read up on mx23 reference manual (that 1600+ pages beast) and its chapters regarding OTP resistors inside the processor? I think there might be some stuff you can/need(?) configure on the CPU (one time e-fuses, which you burn). Sorry I haven't eat reached production step myself... So that's all I have right now


Hello, I know that this topic has been not active for more than one year, but I don't want to change the topic because
I do have the exact same issue as bnunez described, and the same error code I got.  One more interesting thing i found
is that, the power supply voltage for SDRAM should be 2.5v, and the schematic of Rev_C has 2.5v marking, but actually
there's nothing connected so the chip has a ZERO voltage on its VDD pin. The iMX233-OlinuXino-Micro board we perchased
from DigiKey has 0v too, but that board works correctly!!
Any suggestions, or recommendations? Thanks a lot!
Also, I would like to know what happenned after bnunez posted the original message?


All right, I checked out the iMX23 Data Sheet, it says "The i.MX23 contains a sophisticated power management unit (PMU)
that can be used to provide programmable power for the device as well as the entire application on up to five rails..."
Then 3.3v VDDIO is linear regulated from 5v input, and 2.5v VDDM is from 3.3v. This explained the puzzle. But why those voltages can not be measured?
Then the error code 0x8020a007 remains unknown.

Thanks anyway. 


Of course they can be measured.  Why apparently you don't see the right voltages... something you've overlooked I suppose.  Re-check and maybe it will become clear.

When I get weird voltages I usually find I'm on the wrong pin(s)!



Hi John,
Sorry I typed using the word of "voltages". Actually, the 3.3v can be measured, but the 2.5v is really missing. The spot
where I measured can not be wrong, because it is where the caps of C5,C6, and C7 located. The board is iMX233-OlinuXino-
Micro. I don't know how to explain this.

As for the original question, I re-checked the Olimex User's Manual, it says that Olimex changed the default position
of the OCOTP while on our home built board, we use the iMX233 from the factory. That explained why we have error code
of 0x8020a007. I guess.

Thanks a lot.