Looking for steps to write latest Armbian image to eMMC to boot from eMMC

Started by chirag.mistry, January 13, 2020, 10:59:01 am

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I am using T2-OLinuXino-LIME-e4Gs16M-IND Olimex board and I have downloaded latest image "Armbian_5.92.4_Olinuxino-a20_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.2.21_desktop" from link ftp://staging.olimex.com/Allwinner_Images/A20-OLinuXino/1.latest_mainline_images/bionic/images/ and write it in sd card and I have successfully booted my Olimex board from sd card image.
Now I want to write this image to eMMC of this board so next time my board can boot from eMMC and not from sd card. Provide me instructions for the this.



With Armbian images, such transfer can be accomplish using "nand-sata-install".


It is the same in our Armbian releases. Just use the option that stores the bootloader in the SPI flash.
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