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Anything new?

Started by khumarahn, December 10, 2019, 05:21:55 PM

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Hi. Is there anything going on with Teres?

I am traveling with Teres again, so it is time to remember what I miss the most. I can't use the 3.* kernel: it is too hard to get a modern desktop to ru non it. On the mainline kernel, though, there is still no power management. My Teres consumes battery too fast, the suspend does not work and it always turns on when the power cable is connected.

I still do not have time to look inside the u-boot or the kernel to try to figure out what is going on, and I have no experience with this kind of things. But maybe someone else had time? Or no one uses Teres any more?

Also, are there any long term plans with the hardware? New motherboard with more memory and faster storage? Oscilloscope? A keyboard which understands combinations like Super+Right or Alt+PrintScreen?



Thanks for your follow up.

The A64 is already mainlined, but unfortunately we have no knowledge to add this power management, which is binary blob in 3.* kernel image. If someone with more knowledge can help we will be grateful.

Keyboard combinations would not be problem, we can program any key sequence in the AVR firmware, I will talk to our developers.

Oscilloscope and component tested separate boards are finished for a while, but we still can't integrate well, perhaps we will have to give up for docking and use WiFi/BLE and proper external plastic/ metal box.

A64 has odd RAM controller and max memory is 24Gb i.e. 3GB but such memory IC is rare to find, perhaps new board re-design with RK3328 and 4GB RAM would be better path, but we have too much designs in the pipeline and finite resources.

Definitely we will have updates in 2020, but hard to tell when exactly. I would love to make the new mother board with LPDDR laptop memory modules which to be able to be exchanged like 4-8-16GB.


Powersaving in mainline linux is planned for the next release:

https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Planned_for_5.6 (see dvfs).

The boot when you connect the power I think is controlled by the pmic (axp813), and let u-boot decide what to do. Standard u-boot just boot :)