ESP32-EVB Ethernet problem ESP-IDF

Started by JohnDowdell, November 28, 2019, 08:41:18 AM

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Hi, same board. Similar problem maybe.

The example project won't compile.
I've downloaded the latest version of esp-idf to try this. There's a bunch of stuff referenced in the Olimex example project that's been deprecated and changes of folder names, filenames and api calls. It'd be really nice if it was possible to get updated examples compatible with the updated structure of the latest esp-idf. Maybe there is a branch already? I just grabbed master from git.

I do have an old version of esp-idf that i see at least has the old ethernet component libraries. I haven't tried compiling it in the that older environment just yet.
There are other components that I'd like to pull in to a project besides the ethernet. I'd like to stay with the latest esp-idf if i can and the latest versions of componments. I believe I'll make a mess of things if I try using the old ethernet component with the latest esp-idf. Not really sure where to start with trying to bring the sample ethernet phy project up to the latest esp-idf environment by myself.

I understand the ethernet example code from the POE board project is compatible with the EVB board? I was trying that and got similar errors .

Here's a couple of instances of first errors without trying anything else:

In file included from C:/msys32_3/home/esp/ESP32POE/main/main.c:15:
C:/msys32_3/home/esp/esp-idf/components/esp_event/include/esp_event_loop.h:2:2: warning: #warning "esp_event_loop.h is deprecated, please include esp_event.h instead" [-Wcpp]
 #warning "esp_event_loop.h is deprecated, please include esp_event.h instead"
In file included from C:/msys32_3/home/esp/ESP32POE/main/main.c:23:
C:/msys32_3/home/esp/esp-idf/components/esp32/include/rom/uart.h:1:2: warning: #warning rom/uart.h is deprecated, please use esp32/rom/uart.h instead [-Wcpp]
 #warning rom/uart.h is deprecated, please use esp32/rom/uart.h instead
C:/msys32_3/home/esp/ESP32POE/main/main.c:27:10: fatal error: eth_phy/phy_lan8720.h: No such file or directory
 #include "eth_phy/phy_lan8720.h"

above, the eth_phy component folder has been given a different name (esp_eth?) in the newer version of esp-idf



I've split your post since the thread you posted had an issue with Arduino IDE, while you have problem with ESP-IDF.

What you report is well-known it was reported back in August here:

Please use the stable tag of ESP-IDF. At the current moment this is v3.3. Newer versions are either beta or developer and not recommended. Using non-stable versions can lead to such results.
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