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Started by Martin91, May 15, 2019, 03:23:41 PM

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Hi. I write here because sometimes arduino is used together with xbee. I'm trying to run the Digi Tank Solutions Kit , and while trying to run it, the next error appears. I use Digi ESP for python with this kit; Digi XK-Z11-T-W( en?keywords=Digi%20International%20XK-Z11-T-w).

SO' = '0x0' to '[00:13:a2:00
:40:47:6b:c9]!' failed (coul
d not set 'SO' on '[00:13:a2

When i check the meaning of the error, i receive the following: Your XBee Sensor is configured with sleep = False by default, so you should add (or modify) this line into your YML Dia configuration file, at the XBee Sensor settings:
sleep: True
I tried the above, but the same error appears

Can someone help me?


#1 can determine if their XBee module has this Programmable chip by simply knowing what to look for in the part number.  A standard part number begins with XB or XBP indicating if it is an XBee module or an XBee PRO. This is followed by the frequency the radio operates at; for example "24" is for the 2.4 GHz band whereas "09" represents the 900 MHz band.