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Started by Martin91, May 15, 2019, 03:23:41 PM

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Hi. I write here because sometimes arduino is used together with xbee. I'm trying to run the Digi Tank Solutions Kit , and while trying to run it, the next error appears. I use Digi ESP for python with this kit; Digi XK-Z11-T-W(https://www.digikey.dk/products en?keywords=Digi%20International%20XK-Z11-T-w).

SO' = '0x0' to '[00:13:a2:00
:40:47:6b:c9]!' failed (coul
d not set 'SO' on '[00:13:a2

When i check the meaning of the error, i receive the following: Your XBee Sensor is configured with sleep = False by default, so you should add (or modify) this line into your YML Dia configuration file, at the XBee Sensor settings:
sleep: True
I tried the above, but the same error appears

Can someone help me?


Hi...one can determine if their XBee module has this Programmable chip by simply knowing what to look for in the part number.  A standard part number begins with XB or XBP indicating if it is an XBee module or an XBee PRO. This is followed by the frequency the radio operates at; for example "24" is for the 2.4 GHz band whereas "09" represents the 900 MHz band.