ESP32-Gateway: TELNET over wired ethernet doesn't receive characters from Putty

Started by TOTO-G, August 28, 2019, 10:41:24 AM

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I want to use a TELNET session over wired ethernet to control my program on an ESP32-Gateway.
I'm using Arduino IDE for programming. Putty on Win10 as Telnet-client.
Sending from ESP32-Gateway to putty works fine, but I can't receive any input from putty in the ESP32-Gateway.

client.available() never triggers on any input from putty.

Is there anyone able to provide a simple TELNET echo-example or loop-back-example? Where all input from putty is written back to the same putty session.

Coding should be anything like this:

char c;
if (client.available()) {
  c =;

AND any secret in the session preparation phase that client.available() triggers on input from putty.
Please tell me the secret!


Problem was in Putty.
I got a hint from Lub to change configuration of Putty:

Putty Configuration -> Category Terminal -> "Line discipline option" both options to "Force off"

Thanks Lub


Can you show your code because I'm trying to do the same and I can't make connection
I have reply from putty that

"Connection refused"