MOD-LED8x8RGB - MicroPython driver

Started by mchobby, June 26, 2019, 02:31:54 pm

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June 26, 2019, 02:31:54 pm Last Edit: June 29, 2019, 04:08:34 pm by mchobby
Hi there, I was trying to do a MicroPython portage for MOD-LED8x8RGB and was unable to get any results.
So, I wired it on an Arduino UNO and not getting any result either!

See Wiring picture here:

Used the  /examples/Restless_Dancer.ino coming from Olimex GitHub

because on a UNO, the #13 is the SCK SPI signal updated the lcd8x8rgb.h file (accordingly to the wiring) and change the following line

const char chipSelectPin = 13;


const char chipSelectPin = 10;

But nothing (absolutely nothing) happens on the matrix.

I checked the bus with a scope and data is flowing to the matrix.

See scope image capture with SPI data decoded

Any suggestion?
Kind regards,


First I believe that you should be using EXT_IN connector, instead of EXT_OUT. EXT_OUT would be used in case you have more than one MOD-LED8x8RGB connected to each other!

Refer to 0:23 from this video for proper side to use for input (green arrow):
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Ouch :o ! Damned! Shame on me! 

So focused on the connections and not able to read the text on the top of the connector!
Everything is right now!

Thank for the tip.


After my stupid quesion... the MicroPython driver is on its way  :) .

Wiring with MicroPython Pyboard

Primary test results are visibles here on the GitHub

from machine import Pin, SPI
from modledraw import ModLedRGBraw

# Initialize the SPI Bus (on ESP8266-EVB)
# Software SPI
#    spi = SPI(-1, baudrate=4000000, polarity=1, phase=0, sck=Pin(14), mosi=Pin(13), miso=Pin(12))
# Hardware SPI on Pyboard
spi = SPI(2) # MOSI=Y8, MISO=Y7, SCK=Y6, SS=Y5
spi.init( baudrate=2000000, phase=0, polarity=0 ) # low @ 2 MHz
# We must manage the SS signal ourself
ss = Pin( Pin.board.Y5, Pin.OUT )

modled = ModLedRGBraw( spi, ss ) # Just one LED brick LED-8x8RGB
modled.drawPixel( 1,1, color=1 ) # Red
modled.drawPixel( 2,2, color=2 ) # Green
modled.drawPixel( 3,3, color=4 ) # Blue
modled.drawPixel( 4,8, color=3 ) # Red + Green = Yellow
modled.drawPixel( 5,8, color=5 ) # Red + Blue  = Magenta
modled.drawPixel( 6,7, color=6 ) # Green + Blue  = Cyan
modled.drawPixel( 7,6, color=7 ) # Red + Green + Blue  = White

I will order more MOD-LED8x8RGB to test digital signage while developping the driver against MicroPython FrameBuffer