SATA through mSATA or M.2

Started by xemilo, June 25, 2019, 04:20:00 pm

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Hello, I feel like olimex (and some of their clients) like the native SATA on A10 and A20.

There is now R40/V40/T3/A40i/A40pro quad cores with native SATA.
And recently there was patch posted that multiplies SATA performance on Allwinner.

Wonder about doing the SATA through mSATA or M.2 replacing the SATA and SATA power ports. 
That would save a lot of space and cabling, and I did a quick check and mSATA and M.2 SSDs
are priced same as 2.5 SSDs.

There is boards that have one or multiple mPCIe(mSATA) / M.2 ports but these are higher priced with SoCs from the NXP/Marvel/Rockchip/Realtek.

Thank you. Best Regards.


We are interested in SATA designs but our current projects have no native SATA.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex