ESP32 POE Not showing up in Arduino IDE

Started by aderrington, March 07, 2019, 04:33:10 PM

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Hoping someone can help. I've recently got hold of a ESP32-POE rev b board.
I've installed the drivers from the website but when i plug the board in via USB to my Mac i'm unable to see it in the ports list in the Arduino IDE,
I've also gone into Terminal to list all serial connections and it won't show up. I know the cable i'm using is good as i can use it to plug in some of my Wemos R1D2 boards and they show up straight away and i'm able to program them.

When i plug an RJ-45 connection in i see no lights show up - Not sure if i should see any....
The only light I see is the Power LED when plugged in via USB.
And no, i've not had both USB and any POE connection at the same time.

Anyone have any suggestions??



We currently don't have a Mac machine, so I can't provide definitive answers, but you should look up for any known issues and solutions for CH340T (which is the USB-serial chip of ESP32-PoE) under MacOS. Whether it is a driver hiccup or else is hard to say but just searching for "ch340 mac" gives a lot of interesting results and leads. Consider that it still can be the cable providing insufficient current, my advice is to also test with another, different, cable.
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