Considering using i.MX-6ULZ for a Ultra Low Cost board?

Started by martinib, March 06, 2019, 11:47:01 am

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Now that NXP has released the i.MX-6ULZ Ultra Low Cost Linux processor, do you have any consideration using this on a ultra low cost board like your iMX233-OLinuXino-NANO or A13-SOM?

The i.MX-6ULZ has a price tag from $3

Voltastream ( are selling a OSHW i.MX-6ULL board, but they do not have same production line as you, so they have quickly run out of stock.




I can't say about whether we are interested in such project or not - Tsvetan can say about it; however I noticed that the Volta project is open-source, made with KiCAD and files published over GitHub - which is very nice for a change.
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This seems less capable than A13 so why we do need it?
900Mhz single core, no graphics, 1 USB-OTG
$4.28 at 1064 pcs in Digikey

Before someone say long term availability, we sell A13 for more than 7 years now and still can buy it even Allwinner officially obsoleted it.
Thanks for Linux Sunxi community A13 has mainline support and we work to release Debian image with 4.20 kernel this month.