EFM32 Giant Gecko board

Started by b967644, January 10, 2013, 01:59:35 AM

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Are there plans for adding a Giant Gecko board to the EnergyMicro section? The Giant Gecko series is well established by now, and a board with a EFM32GG990F1024 could fit nicely in the existing Olimex EnergyMicro selection.

As the Giant Gecko series features a USB controller, it would be nice to have a micro-USB connector on the board too. Because that USB connector could double as a power supply connector, a board the shape of the current EM-32G210F128-H would fit well (as there's no need for a big clumsy power connector as on the EM-32G880F128-H; the micro-USB connector could go where the battery plug now is, and a vertical battery connector could find place somewhere else).

A big version (like the EM-32G880F128-H) would still be a nice addition if one needs many GPIO pins; in that case, I'd suggest to add a second UEXT connector, as all the peripherials involved in the UEXT bus are present in duplicate on the Giant Gecko chips.


More Energy Micro Boards, that would be nice  :)