PIC-WEB and TCP lite stack

Started by Baerle, November 16, 2018, 12:58:45 PM

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Hello all,
as I don´t own the C18 compiler and the CCS Version I used years before isn´t available to me any longer, I decided to use the free XC8 in future.

All the example on PIC WEB are written for the C18 compiler. So I´m going to try it with actual software like MPLAB X, XC8, Microchip code configurator and the TCP lite stack.

In the product description on the Olimex shop there is a comment, that the used TCP stack had to be modified and no other will be working.

Can anybody tell me, if it will work with mentioned packages, or what kind of modifications will be neccessary ?
Depend the Mods on the Board or was there a problem with 18F67J60 in general ?

Thanks for any helpful comment.


Well using XC compiler would be similar to starting from scratch. Adapting the demo would be hard. I'd advice against it. Most libraries will not work. You would spend a lot of time. You would have problems with getting all peripherals working. There are migration guides for C18 -> XC but we tried using them and it didn't work at all. I recommend you to start with the C18 and if you have the time try to switch to the XC. Get the old C18 from Microchip's web-site (the free LITE version is sufficient): https://www.microchip.com/Developmenttools/ProductDetails/SW006011
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