RF24 library problem with PIC32 Pinguino on Arduino IDE

Started by Charlie, November 07, 2018, 10:36:03 PM

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I have compiled a number of sketches successfully with this board on the Arduino IDE version 1.8.5, but when I tried to compile the examples from Github TMr20 RF24, they failed to compile. I have changed the board to an Arduino MKR Fox 1200 and the sketches compile OK.

Any clues what I can do? I like the PIC32 Pinguino a lot!



I guess that some library is made for the microcontrollers of Arduino boards (whether AVR or SAM) and this library doesn't work for PIC microcontrollers. If that is the case not much can be done.

But you can give us more info about the compilation error, maybe it is something else. Enable the verbose output in Arduno and copy-paste around the compilation error. This would give folks more information on what might be the issue.

Also I recommend you to ask in the GitHub that you mentioned and the Arduino IDE forums, more Arduino-experienced people should be found at those location. They might provide more adequate information about the nature of the compilation problem.

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