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ESP32-POE power options

Started by frankdownunder, October 04, 2018, 10:45:36 AM

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The webpage says
when you program the board via the micro USB connector the Ethernet cable should be disconnected!

Does this also apply if the ethernet cable is non-powered? 

Since I do not (yet) have a POE supply, I was hoping I could leave my USB connected and plug in my non-powered ethenet cable. Can anyone confirm if that is OK or not?


As long as you have only one power source attached to the board it is ok. USB-ISO or other protector is  required when having two power sources attached to the board at the same time.
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@LubOlimex I am not sure if this helps. I use an Industrial PoE Switch to power the POE node and use the Olimex ISO USB isolator to see the serial output and often times the node resets itself which I assume is 2 different power sources, one from the USB and other from PoE switch itself.


The reset that you mention is not related to the power sources. If there is failure when there are two power sources applied ESP32-PoE will NOT reset but either your ESP32-PoE, your USB-ISO, or your computer would get damaged.
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I want to use the ESP32-PoE in an enviroment where the board will be powered from a host board (through the EXT connectors)... so actually i don't need the PoE functionality.
Is it possible to easily disable the PoE function? I cannot guarantee that the ethernet switch will always be without PoE.


I don't see any good way to do it. The bad way is to cut 4 pins from the Si3402 (or cut two pins and open two SMT jumpers). My advice is to ensure that your switch has no PoE enabled.
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