AM3352-SOM rev C cannot boot after power cycle

Started by bytebird, September 25, 2018, 10:45:16 PM

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We have standalone AM3352-SOM (rev C) powered by 5V supply through the debug port. No EVB board is connected. We used prebuild image from your website:  AM3352-SOM Debian image with kernel 3.12.10+ release 4.
The first time bootup normally went through smoothly. The board refuses to boot after power cycle. U-Boot stopped at sdram_init. See the following debug port output. Please advise solution.


--DEBUG-- Configuring i2c1 pinmux
--DEBUG-- Configuring mii1 pinmux
--DEBUG-- Configuring mmc0 pinmux
--DEBUG-- Configuring mmc1 pinmux


Ensure that the 5V power supply is stable and within the specified range for the board. Fluctuations or insufficient power can cause boot issues. Check the connection between the SDRAM and the AM3352-SOM. Ensure there are no loose connections, damaged traces, or other hardware issues. The problem might be due to incorrect memory initialization settings. Verify the SDRAM parameters in the U-Boot configuration. Sometimes, incorrect timings or parameters can cause the boot process to hang. If possible, try using a different U-Boot version to see if the issue persists. Sometimes, a different version might have better compatibility with your board.  Cat likes to eat