Started by msalek, September 24, 2012, 07:29:03 PM

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I have a problem with imx233 Max, I don't have 5v USB output for booting from usb.
in boot mode select ihave:

D00_H, open value 0
D01_H, open value 0
D02_H, open value 0
D03_H, open value 0

thank you for help,


I would expect you would have to bypass the prtctl lines (see schematic) controlling USB power. The non usb loaded image can enable usb power, but a usb loaded image never gets the chance.  Try a hub.


Actually you would have to verify this, the PRTCTL lines come from the LAN9512 not the micro, they could be enable?  I am not sure of the default state of the LAN9512. It may not be available if held in reset by the CPU default state on PIN18/LCD_D12/LAN_RES.