MOD-VGA arduino shield simple temperature and humidity

Started by Kumalix, June 30, 2018, 07:14:21 PM

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Yesterday when i was testing with example scatches everything workt fine.
Using UNO with the MOD-VGA shield.

I unplugged the USB from uno and went to sleep.

Today the VGA 19" screen keeps on saying "NO signal input".
I have done everything: reuploaded different example skeches, unpowerd then powered UNO and the screen..

The screen only reacts when i unplug the VGA cable from the MOD-VGA.
It goes on but a second later again no signa and the screen goes to sleep.

Does anyone know this issue could be?

tnx in advance


If your monitor has multiple video inputs, maybe the input was manually set to another medium. Make sure it is set to the VGA.

Did you get the 5V SPI down to 3.3V SPI as mentioned on the product page of MOD-VGA?
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