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To buy DUINO

Started by taucapic, September 24, 2012, 08:40:39 AM

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                      To buy DUINO  :)
     I decided to buy  devices - line  DuinoMite, to test these
mini computers in my lab, and at the same time to test PIC 32.
It is good that my wife do not know, that I have some extra money.
So I started to call distributors.  There are two local distributors
in our area. And what I found out?
DuinoMite-eMega is not at all. Probably, when they made orders,
DuinoMite-eMega was  not  put into production yet. And now they simply forgot about it ...
     DuinoMite-Mega - 53.34  and 40.82  EUR. I call to - where 53.34.
"You sell it with a box ??" "No but we have 4 wheels to put  it on the table."
     As a result, I bought DuinoMite,DuinoMite-Mini,DuinoMite-IO,DuinoMite-Shield,
- in total 62.11 EUR,and  made the order - DuinoMite-eMega.
     First impressions,when  I did upgrade DuinoMite-Mini-"Woy ,so easy !Such
a nice little thing!"



hopefully your wife do not read this forum or you are in trouble :)