3D Printable Case for the Olimex TERES-I

Started by Rblacknight, June 14, 2018, 10:38:45 AM

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Some days ago, Fork Sand release a printable case for the TERES-I.

link: https://github.com/forksand/olimex-teres-case

The last part to develop is the keyboard side bat we need to replace the keyboard with another modular keyboard (like thinkpad T60 Keyboard).

Here I found a guy how develop an adapter: http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Better-ThinkPad-USB-Keyboard-Adapter/

In this summer I'll try to replicate this project under GPLv.3 and fit everything in my Teres (obviously with the printed case).

Good OpenSource's Day and sorry if I wrote same mistake.


I'm creating a laptop enclosure in OpenSCAD right now. At the moment it is platform-agnostic and can scale based on how large you want the screen to be, how large of a keyboard you want, and other fitment parameters. It will be some time before I have a TERES-compatible configuration available or special mappings for specific keyboards, but it's all in the works.