Re: Unable to use AVR-ISP-MKII via avrdude or Atmel Studio 7

Started by Smashcat, May 31, 2018, 10:19:45 PM

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Had a similar problem. Just received the AVR-ISP-Mk2 today, Win 10 recognised it, AVR Studio 7 recognises it, but it will not program or read from anything - "Failed to enter programming mode". The chips I tried were powered and my other ISP programmers work fine with them. The Atmel "Flip" firmware upgrade doesn't seem to have been updated since Windows 2000/XP (at least those are what it claims to be compatible with!) and can't even find Java - even though I have it installed. So no way to upgrade the firmware either. I only bought it on a whim as a spare when I'm out and about, but it seems to be practically useless. Hoping to get a refund. Lesson learned.

Also, this is the most annoying forum setup ever :)


Update, had a refund from vendor - apparently I'm far from the first to have problems with them on Windows 10. I'd urge Olimex to remove Win 10 from the compatibility list. The vendor didn't even want the unit back for the refund, asking me to dispose of it instead, which I did.


It is kind of hard to get it working initially since Windows 10 installs some drivers that it believes are best for the tool (and they ain't, of course) and it is pain to switch manually to properly working ones. Anyway, I use AVR-ISP-MK2 with Windows 10. So Windows 10 stays in the compatibility list.
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Not that it really matters to me any more, but I did actually replace the drivers Windows 10 installed with the ones from your site,and it failed to work. As said, the firmware updater seems to be extremely out of date and cannot find Java either. Anywway, good luck :)