32bit SPI frame get corrupted

Started by aamir.usaf@gmail.com, May 30, 2018, 10:40:04 PM

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I am trying to build SPI communication between to pic32 devices i.e. PIC32EMZ64 (Olimex dev. board) as Master and Microchips PIC32MZ Starter Kit as Slave. The communication works with 8-bits data width but the frame get corrupted with 32-bit data width. I verify the received packet by printing it on UART terminal. Please note that the 32-bit communication also work if two Master and slave resides within microchip's starter kit. Can someone please suggest a way to solve the issue.



If you're right then first check Microchip datasheets for bugs and if not there then raise a new bug report with Microchip.  Nothing Olimex can do!