ESP32-Gateway Arduino code loading with SDcard inserted

Started by don.vukovic, April 07, 2018, 04:43:32 PM

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I have been trying to understand why I can not load a program from an Arduino IDE with the SDcard inserted into the SDcard slot.

If I remove the SDcard from the slot, the code loaded correctly.

Can I load code from the serial port from the Arduino IDE with the SDcard inserted ?
How can I modify this board to allow programming code from the Arduino IDE with the SDcard inserted ?

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Nothing we can do about it. Just remove the SD card while uploading a program via Arduino. After the upload is complete, insert the card again.

Signal GPIO2 is one of the data lines for the SD card. However, GPIO2 is also used for the serial bootloader and should be driven low ("GPIO2 must also be either left unconnected/floating, or driven Low, in order to enter the serial bootloader.").

Read about GPIO2:

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