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Author Topic: Industriel IOT Gateway with Ethercat and Ethernet , OPC UA, MQTT  (Read 771 times)


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Hello all,
i would like to have an Industrial (IOT) Gateway board based on PIC32MZ , Infinion, or something you have in mind

It should have : Ethercat integrated, like this board as example:

What i mean: Integrate the Eathercat soluion direct onto the µC board.
The Board should have:
 - The two ethercat ports of the integrated Microship LAN9252
 - One 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port
 - At least one Can port with driver terminal/ or sub D connecor 
- Remaining io port shall be available by headers
 - a number of state led (1-4) which jumpers where the user can choose to use the ports by using the header or direkt the output to the LED

It shall support 24V Power supply.
Maybe the power regulator will be able to support w wider range for PS Supply up to 24V.

Idea behind:
Building easy :Ethercat to "something" gateways-
-> Eathercat <--> MQTT
-> Eathercat <-->OPC UA

For reference i added some examples from infinion that üpoints in that direction:



The Infinion XMC4800 Automation Board V2, comes close to what i have inmind , but i missed:

 - the integrated Programmer of the, kit_xmc48_relax_ecat_v1
 - the possibility to use other SPI (an intelligent display for example), or I2C devices.

Design resources from Infinion (PCB Board)  may be also interesting for you.

I think an open source industrial Gateway based on free development suites (dave, Mplabx) will be a cool thing
expecially in combination of support ot the free OPC UA stack open62541 ;-)

May be also in interesting concept idee to discuss at Fosdem 2018




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