fails to boot

Started by pilypala, January 03, 2013, 04:59:03 PM

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Hi guys,

So I followed the instruction here
and had the sd card setup good.

But my Micro does not boot up. There is a penguin sitting on top left corner of my TV.

I used an 8GB sd card.

Any clue?




iMX233 do not work with all SD cards, please check/try another brand
Kingston and Samsung are proven to work fine and these are the brands we use for the cards we ship


No problems with fujifilm either


somebody in the forum wrote that Verbatim brand card doesn't work, but I can't remember the topic, after switching to Sandisk the board worked


I've been using some memory cards that came with my older Nokia phones, and they have all worked nicely! :)
I suspect mobile phone manufacturers are quite strict on the HW specs with the cards that ship together with (at least high end) phones..


I use a kingston 8GB tho. 

What is the most supported linux dist for olinuxino?
I heard it's ArchLinux?

I am going to try out archlinux first.