2 x M3-3mm screws missing in kit/instructions...

Started by spacedog, January 02, 2018, 03:46:25 AM

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I built TERES on xmas evening following the guide to the letter.

The kit includes 9 M2 x 3mm

but following through the instructions 11 screws of this type are called for.

no biggy, I simply used 5mm ones and skipped a 2 other screws later in the build


I've had the same issue. Then I recognized that I had used 3 screws for the mouse button PCB instead of 1 as described in the instructions. I suggest go through the pictures in the build manual and see if you have used exactly the same number of screws for each PCB.


I spent some time recreating the instruction manuals into markdown on the project GitHub page. If you modify the docs to elaborate on the screw details, I'll help merge the pull request. I'd do it myself, but I am a volunteer and don't yet own a TERES!