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UEXT extender

Started by eagleeye, January 02, 2013, 02:52:30 AM

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I think there should be a RIBBON connected UEXT expansion board. On this
Expansion board, you are allowed to put up to 3 UEXT modules. Exposed
header pins also lead out to TX,RX, 3.3v/+5V and GND for hooking up serial
TTL data.


good idea! but simple ribbon cable with 4 IDC connectors will do the same?


I think a ribbon cable will fit in many cases. As it is sometimes necessary to wire UEXT in other ways than straight-through, how about adding a product that plainly consists of 1m ribbon cable and five connectors? Those usually can be obtained from local distributors too, but it'd be pretty convenient. Optionally, this can be assambled (in case there is only one SPI component, one UART component, and other I2C components) or just a bag of parts.