Is my Olinuxino A10 S dead?

Started by MANU62170, September 28, 2017, 02:11:07 PM

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My Olinuxino A10S doesn't start anymore. Even the little light does'nt appear.

I tested the external power supply, it is OK.

Is it possible that juste the internal power entry is out of order and can it be replaced? Please send me the link where I have to g@ to, to buy it.

I am quite ecologist, and I' rather I would repair my Olinuxino A 10S than throwing it away.

Thanks a lot for your answer :-)


You should check the power rails provided by the AXP152 chip. If these are not ok, the PWR led won't light.
Open the schematic for your particular board revision.


Thanks for your answer, benstmax, but I can't find what you say. Can you send me exactly the link to the file I must go to, to open the shematic of the Olinuxino A10 S, or send me the picture ?

Thanks :-)


Which board revision do you have? All my A10s boards are Rev.C