MOD-WIFI-ESP8266 Connector socket numbers

Started by magicfoot, June 10, 2017, 12:03:52 AM

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On the UEXT socket for the MOD-WIFI-ESP8266 which is socket 1 , 2 etc ? I am looking at the ESP8266 with the antenna on top, is the left lower socket number 1 = VCC, left upper socket 2 = GND, etc . Is there a sketch showing the socket allocation anywhere ?


Got this right with a bit of trial and error. Looking at Uext head on with antenna facing up, slot 1 is left upper vcc, slot two is left lower GND, slot three is in second column from left,upper = RX, slot four is in second row from left lower = TX. AT commands from PC works OK. AT commands are not the same set as in Espressif firmware default it seem?


The firmware that we load is am official version but is not the latest release for sure. It is probably a couple of years old so some of the information might not apply to such an old release. If you wish the latest, make sure to update it: refer to the basic instructions here:
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