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PIC32-EMZ64 project

Started by ffb.boy.30, February 18, 2017, 10:23:40 PM

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why the sample project is not harmony compatible.
I've the last mplab and harmony the project compile well but it is impossible to open the harmony configurator.
Do you have another sample or a bsp config file ?
Thank you


You can use the configurator no problems. Just make sure to copy paste the whole project in the harmony folders. The reason is that the configurator has a lot of extra libraries and folders and if we have to include them the demo would be more than 100MB. So we included only the libraries and folders that we need for the demo.

What you have to do -> copy "apps/PIC32_EMZ64" folder to the "apps" folder of your harmony installation.

Also make sure to use the same harmony version as noted in the readme text file inside of the demo archive.

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Thanks you I've done it and works perfectly.


Do you have the same project compatible with the last version of harmony 2.02b?
Thanks you


Sorry for this semi-rant from me. The question is: can I recompile old XC32 32MX PLIBS for 32MZ chips.
Thanks to Lub for clearly you know how to make the best use of Harmony.
I'm having trouble with it on EMZ64 and HMZ144. I don't blame Harmony, it's my limited ability and my limited time, it's a part-time effort for me after(well supposedly) the day job.
I'd pay good money to get those old XC32 PLIBS from 32MX recompiled for certain 32MZ series chips! if anyone's done that contact me! I noted Microchip do include instructions on how to compile those peripheral libs, does anyone know
is it possible to recompile those for 32MZ chips, before I try?
I don't mean the lowlevel plibs inside Harmony which seem comparatively overcomplicated, I mean the MX plibs inside the XC32 compiler folders.
I note the Harmony compile commands have a final arg like "nolegacyplibs". I wonder what happens if you remove this.
Sorry I know I should do more reading. I am sure the answers are all there somewhere. Seems I am not alone in seeing PIC32MZ as constrained by forced use of Harmony or go it alone low-level.
Peter G London


Questions about Harmony etc - best ask Microchip.

At least 2 plibs for the MZ have been made (other than any from Microchip).  Ask about them on TBS http://www.thebackshed.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=16&PN=1

I'm not sure what state they're in.